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An Interesting Lesson On Using Other Peoples' Images Without Their Permission

I just picture that sci-fi trope of the snotty shitheel in the space fighter getting a lock on target. I'm the target. You get the lock. You pull the trigger. You explode. Because I am fucking karma.

(Totally kidding, karma doesn't exist. I'll do it myself. ;) )
More than that. In Lenz v Universal Music Group it was ruled that Fair Use is an assertive right, not just a defense against copyright. In other words it is free speech and parties that sue or use other methods to intimidate people to remove, delete or otherwise give up their fair use can be countersued for it.

You're wrong on this. Until you change your position to the position laid out by Copyright law, you're always going to be wrong on this. Cease and desist being wrong on this.


Known to disappoint...
Ahhhh, but what he doesn't understand is this: The argument isn't over until I win. :naughty:

Yes, I know, that seems psycho. But how far would you not go to square the books?

Granted, he's no longer in a position to put a stop to what catalyzed the complaint -- isn't that convenient -- but what he can do is show enough decency to say, "Okay. I was wrong. I apologize."

That'll do it. That'll be Good Enough.
My spoon ain't wearing out any time soon. If me using the names of two of their more egregious cyberbullies here without their consent is good enough to justify a previously unjustifiable ban when I do it, then Anc condoning and even defending IP theft on WF there and, later, here is enough to earn all parties involved... well...

Me. :naughty:

And it's not like the price to end it is unreasonable. Just, "Yep, that was out of line and I shouldn't have defended that."
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