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Annoying Phrases


Pinata Whacker
Happy Friday! (said by someone at my office every Friday.)

You should be happy the rest of he week too. Happy you have a job that pays for all the stuff you buy and bills you pay.
Stunning. When someone describes a woman as 'stunning', I imagine guys turning, looking at her, then going glassy-eyed for a few seconds while perched right on the razor's edge of losing bladder control.
I think I've seen one woman, ever, who fit that word. 6'6", pinup figure, angelic face, Bettie Page hairstyle, black mini-dress, stiletto heels. Met her at a party, she poured me a glass of mead but demanded a kiss in exchange. Yes, I ended up fucking her, which is how I know that yes, she was 100% female.

But that first look, yes, 'stunning' absolutely 100% fit her, because I was literally stunned. Stood there staring like a deer caught in hi-beams.