Better Call Saul


I want to smell dark matter
Well, it doesn't necessarily have to end where Breaking Bad begins. I wonder if in the final season they'll actually jump forward in time and have some episodes where he's Gene working at the Cinnabon? They could redeem him in some way, have him contact an old Kim or Chuck even. Or show him being murdered when his identity is discovered.

Big Dick McGee

If you don't know, now ya know
Wow, I finally caught up. This season is excellent! I agree with Wacky, the whole "Jimmy tries to get fired" montage was incredible. And last night's episode was awesome. Everyone thinks Chuck is just a wackaloon, but he's the only one who really knows the depths to which his brother will sink. I think Jimmy is just being Jimmy. He would rather work slavishly to backstab his backstabbing brother, than work hard at a legitimate law career. It's just who he is.

Michael McKean as Chuck has been nothing short of brilliant. He's the epitome of every successful attorney I've ever met-He's a complete asshole douche and doesn't even realize it because he's so fucking egotistical. I honestly hope he ends up being like Henry in Regarding Henry after hitting his head!!


I want to smell dark matter
A lot of people seem to think Chuck is dead. It reminded me of the plane crash in the Breaking Bad season 2 finale, a unintended tragic consequence...but a bit less dramatic of course.


I want to smell dark matter
WELL , Chuck is alive and well and just as good at conning as Jimmy. So is next season going to be Jimmy on trial?