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Black Panther

I look forward to this movie, alot. I'm just hoping they turn Andy Serkis into a weird ass supervillain with the sonic weapon for a hand, like the comics.

The fact he's already lost a hand in Age of Ultron all but confirms it.

Will we see a cameo from Captain America, since he was last seen hiding out in Wakanda? I just hope they don't bring that Hydra double agent bullshit into the movies.


I want to smell dark matter
I think they should keep Cap and Bucky out of it because people would be like "OH, THE BLACK GUY NEEDS HELP FROM THE TWO WHITE GUYS?" Maybe they'll be in a post credits scene. I'd like Nick Fury to have a cameo more just because we haven't seen him since Ultron and what's he even up to now (and he's a cool black guy.)


I want to smell dark matter
Saw it today, was really good. If you're countining it as a Marvel origin movie it's got to be the best one and is up near the top of Marvel movies overall.

It's really good looking for one thing, the waterfall scenes and the dream scenes were especially beautiful. The costume design and the whole look of Wakanda really worked. It felt like a whole new world within the Marvel universe, the same way the first Guardians of the Galaxy did.

Chadwick Boseman continued to be a totally cool guy after coming across that way in Civil War, but he's not some flawless hero and he has real stuff to wrestle with. Michael B. Jordan was pretty great like everyone said and probably has the best backstory of any Marvel villain. Really sad death scene too.

So many great female characters! Shuri possibly stole the movie but also have to highly praise Danai Gurira. Imagine if they let her be this cool in The Walking Dead (it would actually be entertaining!)

I liked that Martin Freeman wasn't just there to be a comic relief bumbling white guy and actually did important stuff. Andy Serkis was great fun just hamming it up as the gleefully evil Klaue. Sad that he died!

I'v seen people complaing about the CGI a bit but I mostly didn't have a problem with it. I guess the only place I found it distracting was when Panther and Killmonger were falling down the pit near the end, that did look a bit too fake. And it's true that their earlier fight in the waterfall was better than the fight around the train. But there was still a lot to enjoy about the final big battle (like armoured rhinos!) Realy the best action bit was the chase scene in South Korea. That was great.

The final scene with T'Challa and Shuri on the basketball court kind of reminded me of the final scene of The Last Jedi (the inspiring the next generation aspect) except I think this worked better, if anything.
Hey so I saw this film and it was good! I liked that it pretty much stood alone instead of being bogged down with too much MCU stuff (which was Spider-Man: Homecoming's biggest problem). Lupita Nyong'o was really good, as was Letitia Wright who arguably does a better Tech-Genius-Young-Person than Tom Holland did.

Honestly though the best part of the film is Michael B. Jordan's Killmonger, who is really good... to the point where he's actually more interesting than Black Panther for most of the film. It really doesn't help that he has a backstory that puts him 100% in the right against Wakanda and makes some really good points as to how fucked up it actually is for Wakanda to ignore how terrible the rest of the world is when they could easily help. It seems like they just had him do some really boring 'bad-guy' things by just having him go "I believe that Wakanda should really use it's resources to help the underprivalged people's of the world BUT ALSO I SHOULD RULE EVERYTHING AH HAHAHA I AM A BAD GUY PLEASE REMEMBER THAT". It was weird.

What was also weird was Martin Freeman's CIA character who gets a pass from everyone in the film despite the fact that he works for, knows about, and may very well have been involved in a whole bunch of really terrible shit that are literally the same things that makes Killmonger the bad guy. Like he reels of a big list of all the terrible things Killmonger has been trained to do off the top of his head, and no one stops and goes "Uh, hey, were you involved with any of this terrible stuff because you seem to know a lot about it...". But instead everyone just seems fine with him being there.

But yeah it was good.


I want to smell dark matter
Well yeah,if you took out the stuff that makes Killmonger a villain he wouldn't be a villain. But it wouldn't be a very long movie then! I liked that he was right about a lot of stuff and that he motivated T'Challa to change by the end. He was just so full of anger from losing his dad when he was a boy that he wanted revenge on the world because he was still that scared little boy on the inside (his vision/flashback was really effetcive I thought.)

I don't really follow your Martin Freeman complaint? He was in the CIA (and former airforce) so he knew about black-ops, but he didn't have the whole "hundreds of scars from people I've killed" thing or the desire to wage a genocidal war on the world like Killmonger. He risked his life to help the Wakandans so they probably weren't going to stop to ask him about his past. My only complaint is that he should have used his Fargo character.
It's more that the main way the film portrays Killmonger as being bad is that while he has noble goals he's the product of the American military system - including training by the CIA to destabilise governments - so the only way he can see to achieve his goals is via those methods. This is a pretty clear indictment of that military system, which makes sense because the CIA has done some real nasty shit when it comes to the treatment of coloured people.

That's all fine and good... except then the film also has a character who is a member of the CIA portrayed as an out-and-out hero, who only does good things and helps everyone and is generally very nice, with no mention at all that he's still part of the system that has caused all of the problems in the first place. Like, the problem isn't really Killmonger himself, it's the cultures that created him: both Wakanda and the US. The film takes a look at how Wakanda has a lot of problems, but then goes out of it's way to make sure that the US's representative is not questioned at all about his part in all of it.