Carolina Panthers

Jones to speak on new owner of the Carolina Panthers, David Tepper

Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones says outgoing Panthers owner Jerry Richardson "wants to have the best resolution of allegation or facts" in the NFL's investigation into Richardson's alleged sexual and workplace misconduct.


I'm not wearing any panties!!
Big Cam Newton fan (WAR EAGLE!) and half followed them when I lived in NC (09-12) but aside from the Seahawks I don’t go out of my way to watch any NFL. Due to Cam I’ll pull for them when I’m out and their on TV.
Signs point to big workload for Christian McCaffrey. The second-year running back had just 117 carries as a rookie, but could top 200 this season given Nor Turner's tendencies
QB Cam Newton ranks 25th on the NFL Network's top 100 players for 2018. It is his third-highest ranking since arriving in the league in 2011.

He was No.1 in 2016 coming off his 2015 MVP season and 24th in 2014. Newton was 44th last season.
Erica Williams, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader from 2014 to '17, had filed a federal lawsuit against the team, alleging she wasn't paid for all her work and made less money than "Rowdy", the team's male mascot.

Williams was paid $8 per hour. Rowdy $25 per hour.
LB Davis sticks to story for ban, not retirement

Davis, who will miss four games to suspension in 2018, has apparently rethought his decision to retire after the season for violating the NFL's policy on performing-enhancing drugs.
Johnson & Wales women's basketball coach Jennifer King accepted a coaching internship with the Panthers for training camp. Her goal is to one day become the offensive coordinator for an NFL or college team.