Celebrity BB USA 2018 - Feb 7th

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Yup, it's happening:

CBS today announced winter 2018 scheduling moves, including the debut of BIG BROTHER’s celebrity edition, the series premieres of LIVING BIBLICALLY and INSTINCT, and the return of THE AMAZING RACE and SURVIVOR.

The Network will launch its first celebrity edition of reality hit BIG BROTHER on Wednesday, Feb. 7 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). As previously announced, the special winter edition will feature multiple episodes per week during a concentrated run, and include the series’ signature Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions and live evictions. Julie Chen will return to host.
The UK edition usually starts in January, so I guess it won't be a complete overlap. No big names in the rumored cast yet -- mostly reality TV freaks.

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This will be a short season, with TV episodes 5 nights a week instead of the usual 3. And there will still be live feeds on top of it.

The whole schedule (which counters the Olympic games):

Wed, Feb 7: 8-9PM – Premiere
Thurs, Feb 8: 8-9PM
Fri, Feb 9: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
Sun, Feb 11: 8-9PM
Mon, Feb 12: 8-9PM
Wed, Feb 14: 8-9PM
Fri, Feb 16: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
Sun, Feb 18: 8-9PM
Mon, Feb 19: 8-9PM
Wed, Feb 21: 8-9PM
Fri, Feb 23: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
Sat, Feb 24: 8-9PM
Sun, Feb 25: 8-10PM – Finale

Still no credible leaks on potential cast members, although the rumors so far have been underwhelming.

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The cast was announced in a promo ad during the Grammy Awards tonight:


Omarosa Manigault
The two-time Apprentice contestant and Trump campaigner departed the White House for the Big Brother house. No word on if that is trading up or trading down.

Mark McGrath
The Sugar Ray singer also did a stint on Celebrity Apprentice. He’s actually been on many a reality television program, including Celebrity Wife Swap, a guest judge on American Idol and host of not one but TWO Pussycat Dolls shows.

Shannon Elizabeth
The American Pie star may not like living on slop if she becomes a “Have Not.” She also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, because of course she did.

Metta World Peace
The former Ron Artest won NBA Defensive Player of the Year honors as well as an NBA title. He’s also best known for the “Malice at the Palace” brawl between fans and players in Detroit while a member of the Indiana Pacers. Not that there’s ever any fighting on Big Brother.

Brandi Glanville
It wouldn’t be a celebrity reality show without a Real Housewife. This time, it’s Brandi from Beverly Hills, who also paid her dues on Celebrity Apprentice. (Who didn’t?)

James Maslow
The Big Time Rush star also got fourth place on season 18 of Dancing with the Stars.

Keshia Knight Pulliam
Rudy Huxtable is in the house! The Big Brother house, to be exact. She also appeared on, yes, Celebrity Apprentice.

Marissa Janet Winokur
The Hairspray Broadway star was on the same season of Dancing with the Stars as her new housemate Shannon Elizabeth. Instant alliance?

Ariadna Gutierrez
She was Miss Universe in 2015…for about two minutes. Then it was revealed that host Steve Harvey had read the wrong name. Whoops!

Chuck Liddell
The former mixed martial artist will have to use his smarts and social skills, not his fists to win this competition.

Ross Matthews
The former Tonight Show intern is a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. But now he will be judged by his fellow housemates…and America.

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Yes -- that list was on INQUISITR, which looks like a news site but is actually fan-generated stories that barely pass for English. But fans ran with it and spread it all over. Turned out to be 90% wrong.

So Brandi on UK CBB -- any of the others? I don't think so...

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It premiered last night to pretty solid ratings. Same format as usual -- a Head of Household nominates 2 people, there's a veto competition so they can try and save themselves, and then the house votes to evict one of them. Surprisingly the viewers are not involved in voting...yet.

Brandi was a sloppy bitchy drunk on the feeds last night and tried to mount a big gourd for laughs.

There's a preview clip of tonight's highlights show where Omarosa starts talking about her time in the White House working for Trump, and it's not flattering.

Omarosa Talks Trump on 'Celebrity Big Brother': Public Should Be "Worried" - THR.com

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Patience until this fall -- the November elections could see a power flip in Congress, which means Democrats could step up the investigations and start impeaching/indicting people. Mueller is taking his time to make sure he has them by the balls when he does strike.

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Chuck was evicted first -- because there are more women in the house and they are playing together, and James is easier on the eyes.

Keshia was evicted tonight -- but only because she asked to be voted out because she is still breastfeeding her baby and was pumping milk in the house, and her milk is depleting. What's weird is that her baby is just over a year old and should have been weaned ages ago -- and yet she still agreed to go into the BB house. Not a smart plan....