Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


I want to smell dark matter
Season 2 coming April 5th!

She's s Sh-sh-sh-sh-SHIPKA BOMB.

(They'll probably cancel it April 6th since Netflix is cancelling everything they don't make themselves.)


I want to smell dark matter
They're not really "seasons" though. Season one was supposed to be 20 episodes when it was going to be on the CW, but Netflix wanted it divided into two ten episode chunks (that's why "season two" is coming just six months after season one rather than a year like normal.) And they also ordered a Christmas special and stuck it in between bringing the total to 21 episodes. There's 16 episodes in "seasons" three and four combined so really if it was still on the CW it would be like ordering season two since these two "seasons" combined will be shorter than holy fuck this post is long and boring IT'S GOOD THAT WE'RE GETTING MORE SHIPKA.
I like how it's "chilling" now, though. Ooooo. A kids' show. But now it's all... "chilling." I'm so chilled. And thrilled. Right? If I'm pretending to be chilled now, I should pretend to be thrilled, too, right?

Has the cat talked yet? Because the cat has to talk. And be all "wiiiiiise" and shit. 'Cause you can't have a talking animal that's still basically an animal. Can't have it saying stuff like, "Hey, between your chilling adventures, would you mind cleaning my cat toilet, you lazy suck singularity?!"