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Christmas ads - 2018


Is this real life?
They sell coats to the aspiring middle class and people who go on gap yars to Ugunda where they have nothing but they still know how to smile you know? Ver brave.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
That reminds me, I have to go out and chop down a Christmas cheese.

I watched the Great British Bake Off holiday special last night, and they made mince/pear tarts. I don' t like mince and none of them knew how to do good lattice work on top so Paul had Optimus Prime destroy the tent.


I want to smell dark matter
I was seriously going to ask if "Christmas cheese" is a real thing but then I got embarrassed thinking maybe everyone knows about it but me.


I want to smell dark matter
I was in Sainsbury's today and they were playing this song at FULL VOLUME and it was already full of people because people buy lots of food at Christmas so that was't good for someone who doesn't like noise (me.) Then they played another song at a normal volume...then went right back to "YOU GOT THE MUSIC IN YOU!" I mean the little girl is obviously very talented but it would drive you insane if you worked there.