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Could We?

Ever be like this?
Note, this is not a comparision/contraction to the MF or a "war" thread.
This has simply been clarified for me like it hasn't been before. Because I was asking for this a while ago and here it is.

From this:http://www.trollkingdom.net/forum/showthread.php?p=1440461#post1440461

I knew this was what you were driving at yesterday, which is why it's so easy for me to be "disagreeable" with your whiny ass.

  • The Mine Field doesn't create 50,000 post threads. (Most-replied thread: 536 posts)
  • The Mine Field gave up "aslfkals;d" threads long ago. Also, it self-polices against floods and rapid-fire posting.
  • Mine Field threads are moved to Archives just like any other forum.
In short, the MF has nothing to prove to anyone. It is at the discretion/mercy/whim of missmanners like any other forum. If she says a major archiving has to happen, then it will happen. Otherwise, the MF ain't hurtin' nobody.
Basically, she's saying that either is she incapable of laying out defined guidelines, or perhaps isn't sure which way them.

Either afford the Badlands the same protection afforded to the Mine Field, or just say admins can move or delete what they please just as posters can post (mosty) and flood as they please. They're already doing that anyway, woman.
I get what you are saying, and I wish it could be this way-but Eggs makes a point. Also before the purge-we were given notice, we could have saved all of our threads if we so desired. Maybe it shouldn't be this way-but I think we are the something something of our own destiny here. I'm sort of tired of going around about this.