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Posted by D.J. Tanz
I apologize for certain posters recent behavior

To all my fans, I apologize for these haters recent postings. It's a disgrace and I have my peeps looking into it.

Ignore these knuckle heads and let's get back to the music.
the peeps are gonna get you guys!


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Cranky Bastard said:
Gagh already dressed me down and I already told him that we probably won't visit much since we like boards that aren't so anal about post content.

If we were there to troll, we would have played it up.

You can warn me as many times as you want; I got the message the first time.
I'm surprised-- someone like you would probably have worn a warning like a badge of honor of some kind.

Ah well. It'd be pointless to arrange a warning anyway-- it's old news, that thread.

Anyway, you and Miss Tanner are welcome at Lonaf anytime.


Can I have Ops?
Yes, I suspect someone came back to a nasty surprise, finding two impersonators and a whole load of crap

I've just re-registered and found only Jillian is there now. So no IP bans here.

It's wierd trolling a dead forum.