Did John Castle get his ass bammed yet?


Pinata Whacker
26? They are either all you or its the Howard Stern affect and all the haters are following you to see what stupid, ignorant, racist thing you say next.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I probably have over 300 inactives, dumbfuckChuck. You were never around for Karmageddon, so you don't have a clue.

Fuck off.
yes, 300 sounds about right. the 'jack' account has over 79,000 post alone.

would you say that you've made over 1 million post at 'tk'?

i'm pretty sure I was at karmageddon.
give me the dates when 'karmageddon' supposedly went down. maybe i lied, but just maybe your lying.

i honesty believed I was there. I'm like, ohhh ummmm....87.5 % true on this matter.
I've been kicking it at 'speak freely' for a lonnnnng time peoples.

just saying.

to be honest... what the hell was 'karmageddon'? if this went down before 2001, then i'm the liar.

give me the date.

holla black.
so... nobody knows when 'karmageddon' went down, besides 'jack'?

The guy claims to have 300 duals banned, an not one member of 'tk' is calling bullshit on all those accounts?

is it possible for a member to have 300 accounts? nevermind, it's not possible.

lying motha...*laughing*
I don't care if you've been at ' troll kingdom' for twenty years, you can not have 300 accounts. no fucking way. 300 accounts? 300 accounts at one message board? is that humanly possible? 300 accounts? moron trying to be better than the entire board. 300 accounts?

300x *laughing*


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
During Karmageddon I made over 300 accounts specifically to make karma atomic bombs. The way Karma was rigged you could make posts to get higher levels of karma. So I would take the duals and go into the badlands and spam away, posting each post in a giant circle jerk while karmaing each one.. Lower tier posters had 1 karma point per karma, mine were like 10 or fifteen a karma, I forget now. I even had a technique where I could give multiple karma's with just one post. I even negged Gagh into the red during Karmageddon at one point. Many groups of duals, like the seven deadly sins, and all the pun duals like Hugh G Rexion, and Ma Huang Sor among many many others. So you know, just go fuck yourself fuckley.

better yet Charles, you should quit while you're ahead. Or better yet, just swallow.
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