Doctor Who Season 11

Well, it had a good run until they turned it into Doctor Vagina. By which I'm not referring to the casting but, rather, the on-the-nose motive of the casting.

"It's About Time"?

Sure is. About time for Doctor Who to take another 15 year nap and hope the BBC can get its head right.
That makes me wonder, how many solid hours of Who are there from '63 to '89, then '05 to '17? And do you include the movie in that? The McGann one, not the weird Peter Cushing ones.

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They will be rerunning some shows. They started with Eccleston, then some random eps and then the Capaldi years. Now they are in the Tennant years, followed by a season of Torchwood. After that I think they will be going in order from Tennant to present day, again with a break for more Torchwood and also a few documentary specials leading up to the premiere.

List of Doctor Who episodes (2005–present)

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Correction: They aren't showing the full order -- After they were done with the Tennant shows, they are riding out the rest of the marathon with the Matt Smith era. Plus another Torchwood season and some documentary specials.

The reason they can do this and make it to Sunday is that they are showing episodes at night and then rerunning the whole block the next morning.


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It was a solid opening episode. Jodie was good. Surprised they didn't have some explanation for her being a woman for the first time since the BBC announcer said something about "second Regeneration cycle. second Doctor!" which had nothing to do with the story. The companions all seemed decent enough characters and actors though they didn't all get a lot to do. Was really obvious the gran was going to die.

Disappointed by the lack of new opening titles. The coming up bit that just listed future guest stars was weird since it leads to obvious "I don't know who most of them they are" comments.


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I only recognised a couple of them so it was a bit weird, but it was a good way to tease the rest of the season without giving away the plots (they can leave that to the Radio Times).

The episode was just ok. The whole “Ooh I’ve got legs. I’d forgotten about legs!” type regeneration lines are a bit overfamiliar now and I’d prefer they got stuck into finding out who this new doctor is instead. I don’t have any complaints about the actress though. Bradley Walsh and the other two are fine as well. I guess they’re like a slightly older Clyni.

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There was a bit too much "CSI/Law & Order" procedural banter and clue-sniffing going on, but maybe that was because she didn't have the TARDIS to help move things along. I just hope it's not like this every week. When they're all just investigating and speculating, it all seems too normal and un-Whoish (not that I'm an expert).

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I watched it this evening and thought it was pretty good for a reboot intro. Whittaker did well with the role, and the episode was well done. I was apprehensive about some SJW crap, but there was none of that... so far. B+


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Good episode. Jodi Whittaker's Doc reminded
Eh. Didn't fall into the "Get Woke, Go Broke" trap. This time. Whittaker's portrayal is weirdly reminiscent of Eccleston's. Probably just the accent.
I thought her portrayal was reminiscent of Matt Smith's. Probably the comedy. I also thought it weird that she could remember that she used to be a grey haired Scottish guy and the TARDIS, but couldn't remember what a tongue was or her name.


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I wonder if they're going to do a "the search for the TARDIS" story all season (like Red Dwarf 6...and 7) or if it'll just turn up and save them from space at the start of the next episode and go right into the new opening sequence.