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Doctor Who Season 11


Is this real life?
They’ve taken liberties with that before where someone’s survived in spac3 for a few seconds before the TARDIS picked them up. I expect it will this time. But maybe it’ll turn out they’re not in space at all.


Pinata Whacker
The "next time" thing showed them on a planet so obviously they all survive somehow. I didn't see the TARDIS so maybe they got picked up by a passing ship.


Boobie inspector
The episode looked good, the South African location work and cgi spaceships were very impressive. Loved the call of duty reference too. Shame the rest of the episode seemed like a rip off of pitch black.


I want to smell dark matter
I thought it was pretty good. A bit light on plot but yeah it looked really pretty. It's good how Doctor Who actually looks like a proper expensive tv show now! The music seemed pretty good. The new TARDIS interior was...interesting. I mean I liked how alien it looked (a bit like the Fortress of Solitude?) but it's hard to imagine them actually living inside it? Or maybe the companions will always be dropped off at home every week. Probably the best episode Chibnall's ever written?

Looks like Yaz will get more to do next week which is good since Graham and Ryan have had all the character moments so far.
I thought that was better, I quite liked that it was a slightly lower episode with just a few characters. Yeah it's probably the best Doctor Who episode Chilbnall has written, but that's not exactly a high watermark.

I hope the Tenza aren't some sort of series-long villain because they seem pretty shit?

The new opening credits are very good.

Not sure about the new TARDIS interior. It looks a bit too dark, and the giant crystal in the time rotor looks really fake.


Is this real life?
I liked it. Very nice looking and sold the alien planet very well. I agree it was quite similar to pitch black to the point where I don’t think it was a coincidence. But the night attacking aliens did turn out to be different. They knocked four times!

I don’t actually like the new titles. To me it just looks like they filmed some water and used a mirror image effect on it. They could’ve pushed it a lot further. Not sure about the TARDIS interior either. I like the style of it, but it looks like a very cramped space. There was a wide shot of it at one point and you could barely see anything because of all the pillars in the way. We’ll see.


I want to smell dark matter
Doctor Who was originally conceived as an educational show for children (right?) so it was good that children will learn about Rosa Parks and the history all seemed pretty accurate from what I know. The villain was crap again though.