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Don't freak out (BB Forum OMG)

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Both Big Brothers (UK & US) are starting soon, and we thought we would separate all those threads in here so that the rest of the MF doesn't have to deal with it, and also so us BB freaks can go BATSHIT CRAZY in here posting every little inane thought that comes to mind about anything to do with this fucking show OK!?

BB UK starts in June, BB US starts in July. After US ends in September we can decide what to do with this forum and its contents.


* That's the lame catchphrase for BB US see we're learning neew things already! I foresee a significant strengthening in US-UK relations because of this experiment...

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I've moved a ton of threads, but it's hard to catch them all. Searching won't allow 3-letter words or short acronyms like "BB9" or "CBS" etc.

I've done searches with the following keywords:

Big Brother

I need to finish writing an article and get some sleep...


I want to smell dark matter
I'm amazed by how many you managed to move! Though having the word "evicted" in every housemate thread must have come in useful. GREAT JOB.


I want to smell dark matter
Of course there's many threads where BB is just mentioned in passing that don't need to be moved anyway, so don't worry about missing some. I'll take a look later.


Is this real life?
Suggestion for forum name change: "This is Big Brother" ? That's how BB introduces itself in the UK version, does it do the same in the US?


Touching the monolith
Staff member
This will kill the MF during the summer. This is my official protest! (someone had to be against this anyway).


I want to smell dark matter
It won't kill the MF. More than one person has said to me that they virtually stop posting in the MF during the summer months when the front page is nothing but BB threads. I'm certainly not going to stop posting in the MF just because there's a BB subforum and I doubt anyone else will either.


Touching the monolith
Staff member
We'll see. The BB threads are a staple of the MF every year. If the threads were such a problem, why not post them in the media forum, instead of creating an extra subforum? I hope this is only a one time thing, and next year the two people who hate BB just SUFFER through it. As it is, all this crap fills the entire page, is there no way to collapse subforums so we don't even have to see them? Anyway, I know my opinion doesn't mean shit, but I think this is a terrible idea.


Touching the monolith
Staff member
All the clutter at the top of the forum fills the page, that is what I mean. If the subforum could be at the bottom along with that weird bar then it wouldn't be so bad. Add to that all the unneeded stickies and you have to scroll down half the page to see the MF threads.

Yeah, I'm the only one complaining about this, and there were probably only two people, Dr Dave and Tomtrek, who complained about the BB threads to begin with. Who else is gonna complain? Doesn't matter, nothing I want gets any consideration anyway. I won't complain about it anymore.


Is this real life?
I think it'd be fine if it weren't for all the extra bits that definitely aren't needed.

The "Mine Field - Shark infested blah blah blah" thing is superfluous as the line above it tells us what forum we're in as well. And the Adverts bit seems to be inactive and the thing about selecting threads shouldn't be there either.

I dunno how many people actually hate BB threads, but in the past I've felt a bit mean to keep bumping all of them, knowing that some people would just want to read the normal threads. I like having this subforum.
I'm in favour of this subforum because whenever BB season started there would suddenly be about 20 new threads at the top of the MF that I would never want to read, and it made me not visit and read threads because half of the first page would be taken up by BB threads.


Boobie inspector
Cassie, if it helps I'll start one new MF thread for every new BB thread thats posted in here.

I cant promise any of them will be any good, but then you wouldnt really expect that any way.