Ethiopia launches airstrikes in Somalia

I think that a .50 cal on the back of a pick-up truck should solve that problem. They do have those I think ("Technicals"...why they are called that I have no idea).

You see, the Middle East could be like Ethiopia and Somalia...a place where the rest of the world goes "Gee, isn't that awful, shouldn't we do something? Like do a telethon or send Kiersty Alley there to distribute sandwiches? Or Brad Pitt can adopt a few orphans?"...if the middle east didn't have oil. OR...if we didn't NEED oil from there. Maybe we can spend those billions we are pouring into Iraq for some alternative energy research? Mmmm? But that won't happen, because the power structure is built on old money and old oil interests. The pez himself is from Texas...and owning a Baseball team isn't what kept "W" in the Air National Guard....

Piss on 'em.