Firefly fans still overusing its quotes fifteen years on


I want to smell dark matter
Firefly fans were today revealed to still be overusing quotes from the show and (perhaps midly disappointing?) movie fifteen years after the show's beginng by a scientist.

"Curse the sudden but inevitable betrayal of that scientist!" said a browncoat, before adding that he was only joking and everything was in fact "shiny." He then muttered something in Mandarin but of course he wasn't Chinese himself so it probably sounded wrong.

Browncoats continue to deny that the reason the show and movie weren't more successful was because they were so annoying and claimed that annoying saying that was the reason will go to a sigh "special Hell."

Hero of Canton!

Something something no power in the 'verse something something leaf in the wind something something ain't no place I'd rather be something something it was a pretty good show though.

"I wish I was still a thing, but at least I ended up better off than Jewel Staite," said Summer Glau.

Joss Whedon was unavailable for comment because he was off cheating on his wife probably. Adam Baldwin was available for comment but nobody asked him because he's a cunt.

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When contacted for a response, Nathan Fillion said. "Fire what? Never heard of it. I was the star of Castle for the last 17 years! CASTLE! Oh and I did a few Robot Chickens, 2 Communitys and one guest shot on Rick and Morty. YOLO!"

(disclaimer: he's not really like this)


Is this real life?

It's true, though. I was watching a behind the scenes Expanse video with Adam Savage earlier, where he pointed out that Amos's favourite gun is like Jayne's Vera (a well thought out reference). All the comments talked about how shiny he was.
JUST YOU WAIT if we keep talking about it then ONE OF THESE DAYS Fox will bring the show back and all the cast will come back and they won't all look old and fat now and everyone will get along with Adam Baldwin and it'll be the best show ever JUST LIKE THE FIRST SEASON WAS PERFECT apart from those episode like Safe or Heart of Gold which were pretty bad JUST YOU WAIT IT'LL COME BACK AND BE MORE POPULAR THAN STAR WARS just like when Serenity came out and under performed at the box office!!!!!!!


I want to smell dark matter
Wait didn't the actor who plays Book die? But I guess he died in the movie so they could just have a photo of him on Serenity and River smiles at it.