Firefly fans still overusing its quotes fifteen years on


Zombie Hunter
The actors that played Spock, McCoy, and Scotty are all dead but they're still making Star Trek movies with Spock, McCoy, and Scotty.

I think the solution is obvious: Recast and have JJ Abrams direct.


Zombie Hunter
Yeah, I take your meaning. For me, the saddest thing was, I really liked "Star Trek: Beyond." And Chekov actually had a decent role in it. They've said they aren't going to recast, so I'm kind of hoping for the 3 armed ET-looking dude from ST:TAS.

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JUST YOU WAIT if we keep talking about it then ONE OF THESE DAYS Fox will bring the show back and all the cast will come back and they won't all look old and fat now and everyone will get along with Adam Baldwin and it'll be the best show ever JUST LIKE THE FIRST SEASON WAS PERFECT apart from those episode like Safe or Heart of Gold which were pretty bad JUST YOU WAIT IT'LL COME BACK AND BE MORE POPULAR THAN STAR WARS just like when Serenity came out and under performed at the box office!!!!!!!
YOU ARE PSYCHIC a little not much:

New FIREFLY Comic Will Explore Serenity Crew’s Backstory

p.s. I almost bumped this thread instead: I sucked AJK's cock while Neroon filmed and wanked to a pic of Wash from Firefly
Firefly fans in the year 2018 may be weird and annoying but compared to some of the other fandoms around these days they're just kind of quaint.