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food for people who were to poor to get real meet

Ham is dirt cheap right now even in California. Last Sunday I bought a whole bone in ham on sale at Food 4 Less for $1.79 per pound minus 30%. That is around $1.25 per pound. Chicken is around $0.79 per pound.
I've been down real low. Down dirt low, where many of y'all have not been and hopefully never will be. I once spent a night in a park, under a scratchy-ass paper-thin wool army blanket against the cold, sleeping on -- I shit you not -- a huge ass fucking rock just because it was better than sleeping in mud.

Back in those days, I hated soup. 'Cause what they give street bums as soup? One of two things: either kidney bean "soup", meaning kidney beans in hot water that eventually turns into kidney bean flavored hot goop, or Campbell's cream of mushroom soup. You know, one of those flavors that the stores give away because it's so shit that nobody will pay for it.

Now that I'm better off (way better off) I'm finally rediscovering the idea that not all soups are nasty shit.

Loaded baked potato with cheddar and bacon bits? Hell yes.

Chunky steak and potato? Fuck yes.

But even that shit dirt mold-ass nasty cream of mushroom puke was better than eating fuckin' pig guts.