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This was the first song they used, and I wanted to listen to it again. I forgot how crazy the video is! This used to be on MTV all the time.
Yea, that was strange. That opening was too good not to see again.

It was entertaining start to finish. I really liked the way they captured the look of a typical sexy woman wrestler, and the typical not so sexy woman wrestler. They looked like realistic, attractive women, yet eccentric, like the kind you'd see in a wrestling ring in the 80's. Hell, anyone who wrestles for a living is a little crazy, even now. The ring is no joke. I took a few bumps once, and it doesn't take much to get fucked up.

If you haven't watched the documentary about the actual GLOW wrestling in the 80's, check it out, it's great.
Mountain Fiji was a super babyface. If she could've stayed healthy imagine what she could've done in the WWF. She seems like a beautiful person. It was an emotional feel good moment when the chicks had the reunion. I shed a tear. I don't give a fuck. I'm sensitive.

On a lighter note,
How hot was Ivory in the 80's? Wow. And I found the blonde who played the Russian in the 80's super sexy for some reason. Not Brie sexy, but close.


Touching the monolith
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What's funny about watching this show is that it made me realize that what I thought about wrestling was a bit WRONG. I loved wrestling when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s. We always watched it on the TV, and I even got to see Dusty Rhodes and some midget wrestlers in my tiny town. Then when I was a teenager I got interested in other things, and I didn't watch wrestling again for years. When I watched it again I thought it was so SOAP OPERA, and for some reason I didn't think it had been that campy and silly when I watched it before. GLOW has shown me that it was always a soap opera! There were always story lines. There were always feuds and over the top characters.


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The real GLOW was inspired by the WWF when the WWF got huge in the eighties and was ultra soap opera and silly. Other companies were more serious like in THE SOUTH where it was more about tough guys being (pretend) tough, but yeah there's probably always been soap opera elements everywhere since the seventies or whenever they started having storylines instead of just matches.