Gwaylt? bloated and slow/Gwaylt?II


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Truth. Had it confirmed and verified. He was on hospice care for a pretty aggressive and fast moving form of cancer and it took him this week.


beer, I want beer
Its all very sad and true.

Rip Joel old pal, I will miss him a great deal.
Me too, really. Gear and I may have fallen out for a while but when a person is still kicking there's always a chance to renew that friendship or at least come to a place where those good old conversations can exist again. When they're gone, theyre just...gone.
When Dual passed away several people private messaged me asking for an obit. Does anyone have one on Gear they would be willing to share with me in a private message? I cannot seem to find one.


beer, I want beer
Never saw an obit notice but there was a GoFundMe account for his family where they were posting updates. I don't think I saved the link though.


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well there's that. but no obit? no funeral notice/service? I'm not suggesting anything but that just doesn't add up.


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I wish Gear were here to read this article on Bitcoins. It is odd that I can't find his obit anywhere. Can families or people make that determination that a death won't be posted about anywhere? I would think at least a name would be posted in a local publication. Doesn't really matter to me that much. If he were alive I would actually be happier for him and his family. I mean as much as one can be happy for a complete stranger's family.

PUD staff gets OK to enforce ‘rogue’ bitcoin operations
Chelan County PUD staff now have the go-ahead to enforce the bitcoin moratorium and prevent unauthorized cryptocurrency mining activities.