Hello I'm Going To Watch All of Star Wars


I want to smell dark matter
Do you think Tiya Sircar and Felicity Jones met.

Hera (and Chopper) still being alive in ROTJ time is a pretty major reveal?
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I want to smell dark matter

Why is Chopper's voice wrong?

OH SNAP Ahsoka knew about Padme and Ani!

Wow I'd unironically have rather seen that space jellyfish scene in the movie than the boring casino planet? And good on John Boyega acting his ass off for a two minute cartoon (whereas Rose was, like in the movie, just...there.)

It's funny how cartoon Jyn seems much more into helping people than movie Jyn.

I like how English Daisy Ridley is.

Hey the Leia one actually told us where she got her bounty hunter outfit, like how the previous one told us how she got that dress from the Ewoks. So someone really thought about those questions a lot (it was me.)

Damn Mark Hamill did a great job doing a Young Luke voice! And as cool as that was to hear it's a bit weird that there were no girls in the episode? But who cares really it was cool.

Rey didn't know she could pull things with the force even though she already did it in TFA? I guess pulling something that's flying away is a specific skill. (Voice still good.)
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I want to smell dark matter
Wait so there were more new Forces of Destiny episodes two weeks ago and nobody told me/posted them in this thread? I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO THEN.

Ewoks are good.

The poachers should have been evil Gungans.

I forgot Sabine had a brother.

I never really looked at Chewie's feet before.

See I like Finn and Rey together better than other pairings of those characters.

This is probably my favourite episode ever because it has Mark Hamill voicing Luke and doing action stuff with a freaking GORAX and Leia's there and Ewoks and yeah I'm biased in favour of that stuff. Also cool how they explained that Ewoks had those traps to catch Goraxes.

I really wish they'd put more scenes of Ahsoka teaching Ezra like this in Rebels.

Sorry if it was rude to post these controversial opinions in Tomtrek's thread.