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Hey Shal...

Starship Coyote

Original Gangster!
RommieSG said:
I couldn't give a rats ass if you want to vent your hatred for EI. But when it comes to Shal, then you're fucking damned right I'm going to neg you.

And you can take that to the bank. And the TKBank at that, which makes it even more futile for you to do it.
I think you know you can



New Member
Then what am I lieing about? - I had guessed that it was you taking exception to me saying that I was just doing my job... or is it my saying that you are obsessed?

Great Gnu's you are getting all worked up over a deserved edit at a MB.
There's really not much point in getting worked up at what the mods/admins do at Exisle anymore. They've proven more than once that they will do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, despite what the policy says.

All you can do is bend over, grab your ankles, and say "please be gentle."