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Kentucky Running Buck LaSerius Jones declaring for Backyard Fence Hurdling League draft.

In a prepared statement from her to' up couch, boy's mama say, "Eeeyh. We be all proud n shit. We wants ta thank dat cracka wukkin da drive froo at McDonnow's an also da Louisville Po-lice fo aspirin... whicha deez lil niggaz wuz it? Fo aspirin his black ass to greatness n shit."
Brillus DeFrizzus Nappydomo Jones (5-10, 6 Class 2 Felonies) to defend 60-pound looted Wal-mart television vs. Epic Beard Man (1-0, 1 KO) on Feb.15 on COPS.

Only on paper-vu, mah fuckaz! U wants a pre-vu? I KNOWS u wants a pre-vu! Shit gon b LIT DA FUK UP DAWG! :scared: