How long before Target follows Sears???


Zombie Hunter
Because I'm going to officially say they're in their death spiral. In the late 90s/early 2000s they had clever ads, neat brands and partnering and were generally a nice affordable place to shop.

For years now I've been consistently disappointed by them. But I needed some polo shirts and didn't like the ones they had at Wal*Mart and there was literally a Target across the street so I went there. The Wal*Mart lot and store were packed. Target was a ghost town. And, like, 95% of their very limited menswear section was some horrible store brand: Goodfellas Inc or some damn thing. I mean, it wasn't even a particularly clever store brand like Hampton Bay or something. Just the most boring style and shitty logo. They didn't even have Dickies work pants. But they did have polo shirts like I wanted so that's all I wound up getting and went back to Wal*Mart to get the other things on my list.

I just don't understand how a company can fall down so badly from a dominant position in the market.

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The one down the street from me isn't doing much better. Men's shoe selection sucks. Men's clothing as you described. Checkers AWOL but they try to herd you toward the self-check lines.


Zombie Hunter
Oh, and they've still got stale boring Target Dog advertising stuff. I mean, c'mon, Target Dog probably died of old age what, 20 years ago? He's chasing bitches in heaven with Spuds Mackenzie. And Budweiser isn't still using Spuds for all their ads. It's sadder than the Energizer Bunny.

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Come to think of it I haven't been to the local Target in probably 5 or 6 years. Dwindling stock, not much of anything of use, and the grocery prices were pretty ridiculous even compared to the more expensive grocery stores in town. The only real advantage was not having to deal with the mutants that hang out at Wal-Fart, but I pretty much stopped going there as well.


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I do not even know where the nearest Target is... but I live in BFE. I do know where the two closest walmarts are.

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It's a pity because Target supposedly pays their people better than third world money, and has better policies. Walmart might as well be an Asian sweatshop. (In fact some of their in-store clothing brands ARE made in Bangladesh sweatshops).


Zombie Hunter
Oh, and on that note, furnishing the new house, it's surprising how much stuff I wound up getting from Wal*Mart. Used to be that Wal*Mart was where you went to get a $9 toaster that you only needed for 3 months--and it would break around that time. My current living room rug, the clock in my kitchen, the shower curtain, and TV are all from Wal*Mart and look as nice as anything Target used to carry. That's not even getting into the online stuff. Like 7/8 of the things I had to buy online were all through Wal*Mart. Things they didn't have in the stores ranging from out of season fire pits to those black iron eagles that go on the front of the garage for colonial style houses.