I think Im going to like this place...

LOL she's not your "moms" you don't even know her, and my guess is once she sees what you look like (I sent her some pics of your ugly cunt face along with a warning about what a dangerous stalker you were in real life) she'll steer very clear of you.
wow! your detective work is spectacular. you realize this is the internet, don't you. don't you?

as far as the pictures. most ladies say I look like denzel washington or ice cube.

in other words dude, I'm one handsome s.o.b. who still have hair and not overweight and still 15 years younger than you.

==laughing== *laughing*

send her your picture and she will see ugly.
mama, how many accounts do you have?

can you hook your son up with at least two? yeah, I need a minimum of two, but not more than four.

I got a life, more than four would ruin my life style. pm me what your cooking tonight.

I'm going to stop by tonight and discuss "tk" stuff.

dude! let's talk.
well damn, you scared my mom's away. nice job dude.

mama come back, please. another dual account will not help us fight the power.

but whatever you do, don't give me the 'brownfoot' account. that's to obvious.

I haven't check your forum out just yet. I'm a little afraid of busting up in strange places.

question mama lady 'sharona'.

does any member or former member of 'tk', 'asvs' or 'tv' is on your staff?

i'm definitely not registering as 'blackfoot NAP' or 'bertshocka'. nope! maybe I'll use one of the new 'bertshocka,s' old handles.

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