I think Im going to like this place...

when i decide to register, i'ma have a jolly ole fashion bible name.

can I use..."jesus" or "saint lucifer"? is 'bertshocka' still available? or should I use 'brickvader', maybe 'corvo'?.

maybe i'll use a common name like, 'steve', 'jeff', 'kevin' or 'cory'.

I ain't coming using fake names like--'brownfoot', 'total kaos', 'gank master" or 'miss mary j simple'

i'm coming soon mama/lady 'sharona'
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You know that bucket of KFC you had delivered by Postmates the other night? I stopped the driver just at the end of your driveway, hunkered down over that bucket of chicken, and ripped ass over it. Real nasty wet fart after a long night of drinking cheap domestic beer and eating onion soup.

I thought you should know.
You gotta syphon the spinach, you gotta cream the corn
Sperm scrambles the eggs and a meal is born
Cookin' like a beginner, but I'm goin' up in her
I had Fritos for lunch I'm havin' bush for dinner
Chef Boyardee and the Three Muskateers
Shove Charleston Chews in their rears like queers
"Holy moly, guacamole!" said my Chips Ahoy
I'm gonna pinch a ravioli on the Pillsbury dough boy
Wheres my beautiful avatar?
I haven’t unlocked that feature of your account yet. You have to meet a few conditions first.

1. Must have been a member of the board for a minimum of 30 days.
2. Must be able to show proof that you voted for Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election.
3. Must be able to hump your own leg.