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I think Im going to like this place...

when i decide to register, i'ma have a jolly ole fashion bible name.

can I use..."jesus" or "saint lucifer"? is 'bertshocka' still available? or should I use 'brickvader', maybe 'corvo'?.

maybe i'll use a common name like, 'steve', 'jeff', 'kevin' or 'cory'.

I ain't coming using fake names like--'brownfoot', 'total kaos', 'gank master" or 'miss mary j simple'

i'm coming soon mama/lady 'sharona'
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You know that bucket of KFC you had delivered by Postmates the other night? I stopped the driver just at the end of your driveway, hunkered down over that bucket of chicken, and ripped ass over it. Real nasty wet fart after a long night of drinking cheap domestic beer and eating onion soup.

I thought you should know.