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I understand why rich black men marry white women.

I understand why wealthy/rich black men marry white women.

all black professional athletes or big time movie stars always hook up with a white women, always.

damn, damn, damn! why?

my statement is 60% true, wether yall believe it, or not.

I will not go into the full details on this situation, because you peoples know more than I know about black american males getting with caucasian females once they get millions/michael jordan money.....daaaawgggs!

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i'm not going to make this a racist thing, "love child" i'm just bringing out a fact that is 70% real.

not many black millionaires marry their own race.

most black men athletics grow up in the ghetto/hood, get a pro contract, and marry a caucasian/white women.

how many successful black women marry trailer park poor white men?