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I'm glad Cassandra is finally banned from WF

She flamed someone in Media Central! And anytime someone on WF does something warnable, they get a 3 week ban instead of a warning.

Apparently they ae upgrading and cannot transfer the warnings to the new board (as apparently it would be impossible to write them and their experation dates down) so instead of bothering w/ useless warnings, they now just ban you for innocent flames and trolls.

Cool huh?
So you're here to bitch about the new system? Can't blame you. Who's responsible for this transfer that special rules have to be instituted?
Oh, shit! I could get the whole damn board banned with just one post!

Otherwise, they will be *forced* to ne nice to me. That would kill 'em.

Either way, I win! Woot! :lol:

Colonel Kira's Left Tit

Bearded Belly of Bajor
Uhhh...help me out here.

Why is keeping track of the number of bullshit warnings given out on an internet forum more important than keeping valued members around? This makes no sense to me.
LOL All's fair in love and BBS shenanigans. I tip my hat to ya, Tamar. ;)

Though some *are* going to have to use a large amount of self restraint. Heh.
No, see, i was ready to concede a fair troll block by Tamar's post.

But moving a thread that was clearly MC eligible to the Red Room, simply to allow others to flame, is not kosher.

Shame on you WF. Shame on you.
RobL said:
Jeez, they really hate TKers.

What did we ever do to them? :(
We don't hate you, we just have trouble trusting people ever since that silver-tongued salesman ran off with Elwood's check to the hosting company.

Sure the vacuum cleaner worked, but we were boardless for a month.