The Legendary Troll Kingdom
You need a new nickname, it appears.

Something along the lines of being twisted up like a pretzel?

dude...you might not be the real, gnome.

what was my first thread at "the swamp?

neither you are 'devilman' want answer the questions I posted on this thread.


this is fun. I'm definitely loving this.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Copying me is all you've ever done loser. Not an original thought in that tiny little pea you call a brain.

And yes, they all laugh at you daily. You're our internet village idiot.

Now go make me some soup bitch, and shut the fuck up already. You've been trolled enough for one day and it's made me hungry :bigass:

I have no plans to see you tomorrow. You still owe me 400$ remember Wilson? That's why I'm calling the police right now.

'steve', I just called the maintenance shop and the country club office.

i'm walking the halls right now. 'kevin' ain't home.


'jack' hit 'eel' up and let him know I'm at his apartment.