*laughing*like a motha...*laughing*


Known to disappoint...
no sir! I wanted this account changed to 'blackfoot'.


I'll take 'blackfoots' account. thank you 'corvo'. you that man dawg.

how long will it take, to do the damn thing?
I will only give you access to the blackfoot Main if you in a Private Message will tell me the email address attached to that account.

I have told you that several times before and you havent done it.

So it will take as long as it takes for you to take your head out of your shit filled ass and PM me dawg.

No one else will give you access but me and im doubtful that you even are Chuckie.

PS cant make your current account Blackfoot as that username is already in use by somebody that may not be you.

So put up or STFU.
Jillian didnt have many.

Top five i can think of in no order would likely be.

Lawrence Connor
oh hell no! never knew 'jillian', but she better not be 'gagh' or 'jack'.

I can see him/her as 'seph' sock. for what I understand, she was off the hook.

I missed that part of 'tk'. I would have liked 'jillian'. word up!.

stfu, 'jillian'
I know your email address you plank.
then what's the problem, duh? e-mail me the 'blackfoot' account,


simply use your staff powers to change my username from 'bertshocka' to 'blackfoot NAP'. that way 'blackfoot' name won't be compromised.

can you do that, dawg?
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thanks! for doing what you did 'corvo'. I will need nothing from you until the next episode.

peace be with you my staff brother.


may you never sit on a sharp object while drinking..
jin an juice.

your welcome. peace out!