Legends of Tomorrow season 4


Boobie inspector
It was a fun episode, couldn't tell what was going on at the end with the knife as it looked like something was cut out.


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As far as I know Nate is still a regular character so I expect he'll be back on the Waverider soon (probably after getting bored with desk duty.)


Boobie inspector
Could they not find a queen impersonator who was age appropriate? Guessed the mum bit, didn't see the Amia bit coming.


Boobie inspector
There is something weird about Ray's lip this year, like he has an invisible moustache.

Part of me thinks it's a homage to justice league, but I can't imagine they could justify the cost for such a subtle joke.


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Now I've caught up with the second one.

I like the Puritan story and the evil fairy godmother... but didn't they change history? Do they need to fix it?