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Captainwacky, it says you have the last reply in this thread but I don't see your reply. THIS IS WEIRD.

I guess Oliver and the Shadow King murdered David's sister and put Lenny in her body.



I want to smell dark matter
Dan Stevens is a great actor and there was a sining mouse, but it did kind of feel like another episode that didn't progress the plot at all (unless all these alternate realities come back in a later episode.) And how did he end up in a reality where A Clockwork Orange was real?
I was wondering if that egg monster was some kind of inadvertent side effect of David's fears. The big reveal that David is in fact the looming threat one arm Sydney was trying to stop was interesting. The fact she'd be desperate enough to want Farouk to live must mean David gets pretty nasty in the future. Maybe David killing Farouk in the future is David's Darth Vader moment she's trying to prevent.. The cold manner in which he dealt with the egg fear monster certainly seems to indicate he's starting to lean towards a more sinister mindset.

Why in the hell did it take him so long to start using his other powers this season? Id almost thought he didnt have them anymore once Farouk was purged from his mind. I dont remember him using anything other than telepathy after last season's finale up until this last episode.


I want to smell dark matter
It was good to have an episode focused on the side characters, as everyone but David and Syd's been a bit neglected this season (especially Melanie.) Cary and Kerry are always adorable and Amy in Lenny's head was good stuff. I wonder if Lenny's girlfriend really is pregnant (stranger things have happened!) I hope we find out what the minotaur is next week.