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Let's talk about Donald Trump and the situation.


Holy Roman Emperor

You know, when you mentioned earlier that Trump raised workers' wages.... I haven't seen an extra PENNY in my paycheck since he came into office.

Maybe it's the fact that my home town is so small that its economy is centered around a gas station (as well as its proximity to Hershey), but I haven't seen ANY improvement here - and this is Pennsyltucky. In fact, a few small businesses here have CLOSED recently. The economy here is doing pretty poorly. Most of my former classmates are stuck living with their parents - and almost all of us ARE employed.

Also, that "elitist arrogance" you keep droning on about? Yeah, I'm not some "elite" who looks down at the masses. I'm PART of the masses. I live in the suburbs, in one of the most redneck-filled areas on the planet. I don't say that as an insult, because most of them take pride in the name "redneck". Many of them are intelligent, friendly people who, if I was asking for their opinion on something that I knew they were knowledgeable about, I'd listen to them, and heed their advice.

The problem is though, there are also a metric FUCKTON of willfully ignorant fucktards who walk this area. People who, like you accuse Eggs and I of doing, go around saying why they're better than everyone else, only they use their religion to do so. Or their skin color. Or any other petty reason you can think of.

Do you know what the average pastime is in my home town? It's buying a fuckton of lottery tickets, playing them, hoping that you win, and then using any money you DO win to buy more lottery tickets, repeat ad infinitum. There are at least three churches here, in a town whose population isn't even three thousand. And you know what? Many of the most religious people here are also the most ignorant of their own faith. I don't speak from some high tower when I say there are a shitton of idiots here. I speak from seeing them and interacting with them on a daily basis.

The Saint

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You know, when you mentioned earlier that Trump raised workers' wages.... I haven't seen an extra PENNY in my paycheck since he came into office.



Yeah. So pretend that what's happening isn't happening. It's happening anyway.

Also, that "elitist arrogance" you keep droning on about? Yeah, I'm not some "elite" who looks down at the masses.
Then you might want to go back and edit or delete the posts in this very thread where that's exactly what you've done. Don't say you don't do that shit after you leave a slimy-ass trail of doing that shit. You can't lie about the truth. All you can do is change what the truth is. And you do that by ceasing to be an arrogant fucking cunt who dismissed the good Trump has done just because you don't like the fact that he's done good.

We're not buying that shit. So quit fuckin' trying to sell it.

Here's a wild fucking idea -- instead of telling us that American workers don't deserve prosperity, tell us how you're gonna get us more prosperity. And you'd better make a better case than Trump's, because you can't lie about it and say it's not good. Instead, tell us how yours is better.

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Yes. Because it's only "stupidity and willful ignorance" to the elitists. How ideologically blinkered are you that you don't see that?

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Reported by Breitbart, because the sources you like won't report it (and thus why those are the sources you like...):


Trump is beating Obama's approval, and GOP voters want the midterms more than Democrats do.

This President is what you feared and what you hate: a President who puts Americans first. You didn't want that. You wanted Americans to keep getting fucked, and that's why you're never getting control of this country, ever again.


Zombie Hunter
You know, Eggie-Weggie, you're onto something here. Truth be told, the fact unemployment is at its lowest point in this century, we've made peace in Korea after over a half century, the economy is rolling on better than it ever did in 8 years of Obama, and countless other things is all gravy. I'll vote for Trump again (and Pence twice after that) to enjoy watching you cry like a whiny spoiled bitch for the next 14 years. Faggot. :)

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Let's get you whipping boys the real top class lashing your white-guilt-having civilization-hating neo-Catholic asses are truly pining for:


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Let's bust this Eagles shit, though:

Football players: "We won't go to the White House! We hate Trump!"

Trump: "Fine. You're not invited."


Fucking pathetic. Goes for the rest of you who hate the man, too. You're fucking pathetic.

The Saint

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This is a performance, but it's truth. This is why you lost. This is exactly why you lost, and it's why you're going to continue to lose. Knock it off with the name calling. Knock it off with the "racist" this and the "sexist" that, because like this man says, that's how you get President Trump. We've fucking had it, we're not taking it anymore, and President Trump is what you get for it.



The Legendary Troll Kingdom
The cognitive dissonance in this thread is deafening. Take your spin and sit on it. Pretty much everything about Trump posted in this thread is exactly the same as Trump himself, lies and distortions.

But, whatever floats your boat. if you think I'm arguing about it I won't. Going to make sure Bernie stays in Congress in November, that's about the only contribution I'll be making.

Good luck with your fantasy about the current American Nirvana though, you couldn't be more disconnected from the truth.

And like I said, I won't be arguing or defending anything, because that's the way you assholes that think he's doing something roll. Just enjoy your fantasies and misperceptions, and DO have a nice day.

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Watch that last video; it's indisputable. And yeah, no doubt you'd refuse to put up any reason against it; you haven't got any. All you have got is emotion and hate, and those are what got you a President Trump, emotion and hate.

Like I said, keep that up. It'll get you four more years of President Trump. But you can't let go of the hate and go, "Huh. Y'know? I really don't want four more years of that, but all this hate isn't working. Let me set this aside."

And that suits me. Suits me right down to the ground. Your hate is driving your ideology into obsolescence, which is exactly where it belongs. You will never see your ideology in power in this country again as long as it condescends and sneers and snarls at the American people as openly as it's been doing since November of 2016.

The Saint

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that's the way you assholes that think he's doing something roll.
Wait a minute, hold up -- this is a repetition of something I've seen before, and maybe you'd like to explain it:

On the one hand, he's the next Hitler who's gonna put teh gehz into concentration camps and exterminate all the black folks and eat tacos with a fork and puree puppies to use as fappin' lube and yappity yappity yap.

On the other hand, he's a clownish buffoon who never accomplished nuffin' and ain't never never never gonna.

Which is it? Talk about cognitive dissonance, those things can't both be true simultaneously. How 'bout you pick one and send the memo around so all you TDS sufferers can be on the same page consistently.
I wonder how many NFL and NBA players voted for Trump?

Between the NBA and the NFL, probably 70 percent are African Americans/Black Americans.
Why you gotta bring racism into it?
it is what it is, if it's that. you brung up racism, not me. i'm sure trump got black votes. yet those same folks are not allowed in the white house like all the other presidents did since 1964.

The Saint

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Of course it is what it is, you pickle-headed stoop-anchor. It can't be anything except what it is.

You brung up racism, not me.
Nobody mentioned which race of people voted for Trump until you. You have the self-awareness of stale cat shit.

i'm sure trump got black votes. yet those same folks are not allowed in the white house like all the other presidents did since 1964.
They were allowed. They didn't want to go, so the invitation was rescinded. Don't play the race card on that shit, it was their choice to say they weren't going, and his choice to say, "Okay, then." Nothing kept them from turning up except their own hyper-partisan buffoonery, you wet end.