Luke Cage

I made it through the first episode after a few attempts. I may have started the second episode, but don't remember anything about it. I know it gets good reviews,but I just thought the first episode was such a snoozer.
Do you think they'll eventually have a big crossover between agents, and the Netflix shows?

Seems like a good way to bring new viewers to the current shows they aren't watching. That, and maybe get a few new Netflix subscriptions.

I know I'm looking forward to the CW DC shows crossover.


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The four Netflix shows are going to crossover in The Defenders on Netflix next year. I doubt they'll crossover with SHIELD. It seems to be the blacksheep of the Marvel family, even though it's pretty good.

I'm enjoying Luke Cage so far. A bit slow at times in the first three episodes but I think they're setting up the community and the mood for the rest of the season. I like the blaxploitation music. Even though it's a "dark and gritty" Netflix show to some degree it does have some good comic book cheesiness...

Like Cottonmouth's evil laugh after he fired a fucking rocket launcher. I liked that.
I forgot all about the Defenders.

I'll have to renew my Netflix subscription .

So a Agents/marvel Netflix crossover seems unlikely, but do you think there's a chance we'll see the cinematic universe in it's entirety during the upcoming Avengers Infinity Wars movies? I think we will. Wouldn't make much sense not to have some cameos from the tv,and Netflix heroes. And, all the Infinity shit in the comics always featured the entire universe.


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I do imagine a montage showing heroes all over Earth (including the Netflix ones) fighting back against Thaons or whatever during the next Avengers movie. But that's just me imagining.

(I'm getting a bit sick of "bad guys shoot Luke with bullets, they have no effect, obviously.")
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I liked it. I was impressed with how commited they were to making it black. It was very black. It had a lot of black people in it. I'm sure that angered the stupid "IT WAS RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE" people but who cares about them really.

Sometimes it did feel a bit slow (mostly in the early episodes) but I never got too bored. All the music probably annoyed people too but it added to the atmosphere.

My biggest issue was when Cottonmouth died halfway through and was replaced by Diamondback. It was good for Mariah's character development, but I liked the Cottonmouth character a lot more than the Diamondback character. I mean when Diamondback first appeared out of nowhere, with no build-up, and started quoting the bible in a stupid voice I was like "what the fuck is this guy?" He got better when I understood that he was just totally and over the top. The actor really went for it. But the problem was that it was harded to care about him as a character when he was so completely comic book. And the final fight scene between him and Luke wasn't very good? It suddenly turned into a Rocky movie? Maybe if they'd show flashbacks of him and Luke/Karl as chldren throughtout the season it would have let us care about their relationship.

I liked the part where everyone was wearing hoodies with bullet holes.

I hope Defeners is just the Claire Temple show (with super powered friends.)
Yeah I have much the same comments as you do, although I quite liked the show start as it allowed us to gently get acquainted with all the characters and the political situation. The show did get way better once Claire Temple arrived because of how Rosario Dawson is really good.

They did spend a lot of time building up Cottonmouth to be a really interesting villain... only to kill him off and replace him with a much worse one. A character from Luke's past coming back and IN A SHOCKING TWIST is actually his brother really means nothing to us as we have no connection to Luke's past at all. And they even fell into the annoying Marvel trope of the main villain just being an evil version of the hero (albeit with a robot suit in this case).

BUT YEAH Mike Colter was really good and the show oozes atmosphere and the actual plot of the show was great. I liked it. It's better than Daredevil Season 2, at least!


Are they setting up for the serpent society? Were the 2 villans connected in any way other than being named after snakes? I haven't watched any of it yet.


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Diamondback was Cottonmouth's boss (kind of?) but they didn't have much connection.

I hope Turk turns into Stilt-Man like the comics.



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I've only seen the first two episodes so far, but I'm finding it really slow. It doesn't help that Luke barely says anything and that every action scene is over in seconds. I'll keep going with it tho.