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Luke Cage


Pinata Whacker
Did anyone else get a Black Lightning vibe when Bushmaster's auntie(?) talked about Bushmaster being special and getting vaccinated as a kid and all the other vaccinated kids died?

Episode 11, I think.


I want to smell dark matter
Luke Cage is part of the MCU and is never crossing over with BL (which I think takes place in some fictional city like most DC things.)
Yeah I'd definitely agree that, on the whole, this season was a lot better than season 1. There were some pacing issues across the whole thing but they were carried by the fact that all of the main actors were really solid - especially Alfre Woodard who was the standout. Having the main antagonist switch back and forth between Maria and Bushmaster was a good way to make sure we don't get tired of the same villain throughout the season, but also let us get a lot of time exploring those characters and who they actually are.

The ending... I like the idea, not sure about the execution. The fact that it all happened in about 10 minutes was a bit weird, I think they could have spent more time on that.

It was nice to have an Iron Fist that wasn't utterly terrible in every way.

Really the one thing that stands out to me as not really working was Misty's robot arm. I know it makes sense to have technology like that in a world with things like Iron Man's suit and The Vision, but in the context of the show - which generally keeps things pretty realistic and grounded (sans a magic glowing hand) - having a super advanced robot arm that can do basically everything a real arm can do just came a bit out of nowhere. Especially since Misty gets the hang of it in only a few episodes (which is what, a few days - a week? - in the timeline of this season?). It's a shame as the episodes that dealt with her actually getting used to losing the arm and coping with that were handled really well I thought, so it was a shame to lose all of that so quickly.