Mine Field Celebrity Deathday Thread


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Copying Eggs. For those times you don't feel like starting a whole new thread.

Farewell Emma Chambers

Who was only 53
I watched her in the Vicor of Dibly when I was up in the mountains. She was also in Notting Hill, which I don't believe I have ever seen.


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Nanette Fabray, 97. TV fans knew her as Ann's mother on One Day At A Time, but she was in countless TV shows, movies and Broadway shows as well for the better part of a century. She was even older than Betty White!



Is this real life?
I hadn’t heard of any of these deaths except for Trevor Baylis, who I thought had been on tv quite recently, but I guess it was recorded since he had been ill for a long while.


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Art Bell
Coast to Coast Radio Host. Correction: He was featured on Coast to Coast-hosted by George Noory. Or maybe they both hosted it. I don't fucking know.

I used to listen to him on my commute home.
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Harry Anderson, best known for character Judge Harold T. Stone of Night Court and a fictionalized version of writer Dave Barry from Dave's World.
October 14, 1952 - April 16, 2018