Mirah reviews stuff she has watched on Netflix, only I won't be reveiwing it because that is not wha


Zombie Hunter
"Breaking Bad"... The Landlord-roomate accidentally had some premium cable channels with her basic cable and I got some "Breaking Bad" when I lived with her. Then I got cable when I bought my house because it was cheap and simple. This was around when Walter is really starting to go off the hook and there were a couple episodes that ended with me screaming with shock and awe at the awesome left turn that happened just before the credits.

And Netflix can't create the feel of the sketchy curtained off porno section at the back of video stores. The thrill and shame of ducking in there to see if they had "In the Rear Dependence Day" or "Shaving Ryan's Privates." And trying to get back out, hoping you didn't bump into your boss or your priest.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
I accidently watched "New in Town" last night. It has Renee Zelweger in it. It was a terrible love story about a girl that goes from big city Miami to small town Minnesota to fuck over a bunch of factory workers and then she falls in love with the union rep and they make yogurt.
That is every single Hallmark Channel movie ever made.