Moron Court: The People of TK v. Blackfoot


Holy Roman Emperor
Hmmm...... well, as this latest comment only serves to further show the defendant's idiocy.... naaahhhh.

He will, however, be punished for it. Bailiff! Pistol-whip this fucker!


Holy Roman Emperor
Your honor, I would like to introduce the TKstate's first piece of evidence.Shows the total ignorance and stupidity of the defendant.

GFHH has specific rules. Charles Blackfoot Wilson Fishfucker breaks every one of them, but this one is the most egregious, and when patiently and carefully explained, he ignores every comment.
A very good point. Now, what does the Defense have to say about this?
Yerronnuh, the Defense would ask the Coht to considuh that the Defennant is by naytchuh a bootlipped veckro-headed stoop anchuh with the innelectual capaciteh of a chickpea. As such, its buffoonery is not necessarileh a production of malignance but only of natchul niggnance.
Well, since everyone here has chosen to remain silent, I will pass the sentence. I, the judge who doubles as jury, find the defendant.....


As punishment, he will have to spend seven months as Trigger Fox's fursuit modeler, followed by another three years as Jillian Bacardi's poolboy.

*bangs gavel*

Take him away!

And with that, the man in blood-soaked Stormtrooper armor returns, and drags the defendant away to his fate.
Ay! Yo! HO dup!

Wif de courts indudgence, I B havin summin ta say!

*looks aroun*

*DOWN town*

WIF respeck!

As a dooly appointimated repsresemative of da niggra communiteh, I wants ta hab it knowed dat we takes NO responstability fo dis muh fuckah. Yiih we may B unedgedicated, uncoof an severely IGNANT...

But DIS muh fuckah B an EMBARRASSMENT, yall