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Movie trailers


I want to smell dark matter
I guess it's NEW TRAILRS DAY.

Look, I KNOW this will probably be shit. But come on, this looks much better than the Michael Bay movies (he's still producing this but not directing.) It looks kind of like you might imagine a live action Transformers to be! Hailee Steinfeld is obviously a big step up from Shia too. AND IT HAS G1 STARSCREAM OKAY. Yes I still know it'll probably be shit.

Lego Movie 2 looks like pretty much the same stuff as the first movie, but the first movie was a lot of fun so maybe that's not so bad?

The teaser for this got me intersted because it has cities driving around fighting each other. And while the full trailer still looks very impressive visually, the actual acting and story don't seem to live up to that. I don't know, maybe it's not fair to judge acting and writing based on a two minute trailer, but lines like "we have to stop London before it destroys us" being delivered completely straight and with no emotion just feels kind of dumb.