Movies That Make No Sense

Let's start with Back To The Future (Part 1).

So when Marty McFly ends up in 1955, he discovers that his old man is a total milquetoast. He also discovers one other thing: Biff Tannen is hot for Marty's mom. And both of these things are true before Marty intervenes -- meaning they were also true in the original timeline.

Which means that in the original timeline, George McFly never would have stood up to Biff Tannen.

In the original timeline, Biff would have had his way and married Lorraine Baines.

In the original timeline, Marty McFly never existed. Or if he did, he would have been Biff Tannen's kid, not George McFly's. Because it's only in the 1955 where Marty intervened where George McFly wins the girl.

Next up: Demolition Man.