Moving Sucks.


Mrs. Big Dick McGee
So I moved...alllllll weekend long just me and my mom and a little help from my apartment manager's son. No dad (dad hurt his fingers and just generally gets in the way anyway), no brothers (because they're all selfish jackasses and I wouldn't have asked them had my life depended on it anyway) and no movers, or "guest workers" from Home Depot. I feel like I've been beat with a baseball bat and I'm pretty sure I strained my bladder muscle.

Why didn't I just hire movers you ask. Good question. You see, after getting quotes I felt that hiring movers would be a phenominal waste of money. I mean I only had an apartment's worth of stuff and sure it's on the second floor but nothing my 62 year old (and freakishly strong) mother and I couldn't handle. God, I was so wrong. After probably 20 to 25 trips up and down the stairs with my assloads of nick-nacks and bajillions of books my ankles feel like spaghetti.

I'm never moving again. I will die in this condo.


beer, I want beer
Yeah, moving is basically like spending the entire time working out at the gym.

The last time we moved, thankfully, I was able to pay some students to help out, because by day two, my back wasn't having any more of it.
Moving blows bigtime, we had to move the contents of a two story house with a full basement. The more room ya have, the more shit ya fill it with.