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My mama said knock yall punk-asses out.

Ordinarily, nobody. But if yo mama be tellin' you to go commit violence, maybe she need to get a mouthful of violence herself, and a reminder not to talk with her mouth full.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
You don't have a mama. you were shat out in a wave of diarrhea.

Yo mama's teeth are so yellow that when she smiles, traffic slows down.
Yo' mama so po', she buy toilet paper at de second hand sto'! Yo' mama so fat she bends light! Yo' mama so stank, her favorite chair be all on Google Maps labeled like GROUND ZERO!
Yo mama so old, erry time she cuts her nails, scientists all be swoopin' in fitna carbon date dat shit! Yo mama so fat, bitch lost her Roomba for a week an' done found it again under one of her back titties! Yo mama so ugly, only muh fugga be hittin' on her be fuckin' Brundlefly 'n' shit!