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This is Mariner 10. It was the first probe to explore the planet Mercury - which it did WAY back in 1974.

Now you may ask, "Now Charlemagne, what in God's name does THIS have to do with sports?" The answer? Not a Goddamn thing. It's just that this little tidbit of information is still infinitely more useful and worth sharing than whatever the fuck Blackfoot tries doing in this forum.
Boston Celtics trade Jabari Bird to Atlanta Hawks.

The Boston Celtics traded guard Jabari Bird and cash to the Atlanta Hawks. The move freed up a roster spot for the Celtics, giving them the ability to pick up a player who gets bought out. Players must sign with a team by March 1 to be eligible for the playoffs. Atlanta is expected to waive Bird, a second-round pick in 2017 who has not played all season because of his involvement in a domestic violence incident in Septemb