Obama Takes Credit For Trump Economy


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Your piles are acting up again? Explains a lot being a bottom and all. Prep H is your friend, according to your "wife" :D
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What have you to say, floor nigger?

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You don't fucking own me, and you don't fucking own what comes out of my fucking keyboard. You want me to talk the way you want? Fucking pay me to. But don't worry -- you couldn't afford to pay me enough for the privilege of making me stifle the truth, anyway.)
Wow, normally Jack bites when I do the "go off on somebody who isn't there." And if not Jack, one of the Turdfordge crew shows for a guest spot.

Have they smartened up? Nah. Maybe they just haven't seen it yet. That's all right, gives me time to get things set up for the show. *makes popcorn in preparation*