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I want to smell dark matter

Okay, it was a good season on the whole. It didn't have as much of an arc driving things like season two did with the Vee storyline, but it was good. Seemed more heavy on the comedy than the drama? Also a lot less nudity this year.

I know I complain about Piper a lot but...she is terrible? I like Alex but I don't care about her and Piper together. I don't want them having scenes together. Alex barely gets to interact with anyone else all season. Then there's the panty-selling story. At first when they started turning Piper "dark" I was asking "are we supposed to be taking this seriously?" Because Taylor Schilling was not good in these scenes. She was not convincing. They even stupidly had a character compare her to Walter White which just reminds you of how good this type of story can be with better acting and writing. And then there was her scenes with the Australian girl. They had absolutely no chemisrty and I didn't believe their relationship at all. It didn't help that the Australian wasn't an actress and we only cast because she's popular with lesbians.

Some of the backstories were a bit too stereotypical? I know it's a comedy but some of it didn't work for me.

I guess the Bennett actor wasn't available so they suddenly said "he was a coward all along!" and he ran. Also a shame that Nicky was only in three episodes because she's one of the more likable characters.

1) Piper
2) Healy - Red deserves better
3) Crocodile Dundee
4) Daya
5) Daya's mother
6) Piper's Weird Brother's Weird Wife
7) Piper's Weird Brother
8) Norma - I mean she's fine in small doses but eventually I was just saying "JUST TELL THEM IT'S BULLSHIT"

1) Big Boo
2) Tucky - Her rape story was the dramatic highpoint
3) Poussey
4) SoSo
5) Caputo
6) Flaca
7) Suzanne
8) Red (would have been higher without all the Healy scenes)
9) Alex when not with Piper
Yeah there was some weird stuff going on this season, especially Nicky getting sent off to Max and then NEVER BEING MENTIONED AGAIN - except for Morello not wearing make up for a few episodes (AND I LIKE MORELLO OKAY EVEN THOUGH SHE'S NUTS).

But yeah Piper is the worst. It's a shame she basically crippled Alex's storyline into just being "Get's dumped". And it's a shame Taylor Schilling can't act intimidating at all.

Lori Petty is cool. More Lori Petty.


I want to smell dark matter
I do like Morello as well but I'm not sure how I feel about the scene where she has men beat up the man she stalked being played for laughs.


I want to smell dark matter
So I finished the season here are some thoughts.

Obviously it was a big departure to have the whole season take place over three days. In some ways I liked it because it let them go very in depth with the riot storyline and it got very tense at the end. On the other hand, the pacing was weird. I couldn't get a handle on how much time had passed in the earlier episodes. Like a lot of stuff would happen in one story (say Taystee's story) while not much would happen in some others (Red and Blanca seemed to send like half the season looking through files doing drugs.) The show always switches betweens serious and comedy a lot and sometimes it can be really jarring when characters are talking about what happened to Poussey then it goes to the two stupid meth-heads being annoying. And really I wanted sometime bad to happen to the two meth-heads by the end because they got away with some shit.

The flashbacks often felt more pointless than ever. Like why give one to Linda? Why bring back Jason Biggs?

Piscatella (OR WHATEVER) turning into a pyscho serial killer type was a bit stupid? Why did they spend a whole episode debating what to do with him and then at the end Gina said "oh I have a video of him being evil!" Why didn't she just tell them at the start?

Tucky and Chang escaping was really dumb considring the place was surrounded by cops (who knew the hole in the fence was there!)


The finale was very good and made the rest of the season feel better. Poor Soso.
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