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Politicized comedy

So I am watching a comedy special on Netflix and I am enjoying the hell out of it. But then I start to see a common theme, and then I hear the voices that say, "Netflix has gone Liberal" and "I am cancelling my Netflix account because of their liberal views"

And then I get mad at the comedy show I was once enjoying, wondering if all of the comedians on this particular set were given prompts to talk about and they all touched on them, it wasn't just coincidence.

It dirtied the comedy.





and not in the way it shoudl be.


Is this real life?
It’s probably more likely that they all knew the kind of audience to expect and played to that, isn’t it? Pretty much every comedy show I go to references Trump at some point, because he’s universally hated/laughed at already. It’s an easy win.
Comedians have a wide variety of topics to choose from and some are more political than others. The show on Netflix is called "The comedy line up". I didn't hear references to Trump per se, but more references to the "Me too" movement (Which is still a hot topic) and other recent political topics that lean towards the liberal side. CaptainWacky makes a good point about artists.
@Cassie, it felt like some comedians weren't doing political comedy and then they would throw something in-either about netflix or the "current topics" so it felt canned to me.

I guess I haven't listened watched all of these new fangled up and coming comedians lately so I have to get my game on and see what is going on and get with it!

Thanks for the responses!

Okay, I ventured out again and I am watching Kamau Bell tonight. He is pretty funny. And totally political.

I have another question.......

So...are there NO Republican comedians?!
And then I read that, "Do you think liberal club managers would book them?"

Well, if liberals were actually liberal, yeah, they would. Right? But they just appropriated the word 'liberal'. That's not what they actually are.
I mean I could totally get up on stage and be like, "Yeah that Trump guy is pretty great, and so is this country, amiright?" And then see the reaction of the audience!
But what is funny about it? From that stand point? I could just pretend to laugh at all of the crying liberals and how they want to save thw world, oh ha ha ha! That is so funny!
It is, actually. You could do a "liberal" superhero bit.

"Faster than an emptying supermarket shelf! Able to leap trash barrel fires in a single bound! Look! Up in the ivory tower! It's a bread line! It's toilet paper! It's... CAPTAIN VENEZUELA!"