REMINDER: Michelle Trachtenberg


What she don't know.......will probably kill me. She's secretly a witch I bet, she knows what I'm thinking I'm sure.


Shifty sumbitch
I think the only person you could put in your love cellar would be Kookybee. Make sure that the Wookiee knows the people you want to, ahem, introduce to her, if you follow.
This is a clip from Beautiful Ohio which has El Trachtenberg ina very nice bikini and also has her NUDE SCENE (but it's terrible it was taken from a helicoper or something stupid).

In the mean time let's see what IMDB has to say about Michelle Trachtenberg:

"Michelle's Tongue" (three pages)

"A question about her butt"
"Do you think she has a long butt crack? I think she probably does."

"Looks African American"

"Puffies" (well they are)

"lesbian? mexican? preggers?" OH GOD I HOPE SHE'S NOT A MEXICAN.

I like to think that somehow I am above those people. BECAUSE THEY TOTALLT DON'T LIKE MICHELLE AS MUCH AS I DO. :mad: