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So, what is happening here

you must be referring to:

steve samurai jack, geedis, 'bitchslapsmitty', 'dershocka', 'niel', 'spack', 'devilman', 'kevin p', 'cory', 'dono', 'gagh', 'missmanners', 'bick', all the 'pickle's' (dork-dark- dick). 'joe', 'gank master' 'slow rider, 'missmaryj'.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Idiot above me doesn't get the reference, or just forgot what the real lyrics are trying to be "cool".

Total fail, dirty cuntbag.

Hey now, Volpone liked your post, maybe you can finally get a little pole squatting for that withered slit you call a 'gina?


Zombie Hunter
Technically, "So, what is happening here?" isn't the lyrics either, so it is in character to continue to change the lyrics a bit. Especially if it annoys angry dwarves.