Solo: A New Star Wars Dud

I thought the droid actually came off as a parody of SJWs. Sadly tho in times past her character would be considered just that, a character.
This is why you never let women have control of anything; they can take absolute gold and rapidly turn it into an en masse menstrual tsunami of shambolic shit.

They caught sight of Christianity, and the next thing you know, Rome was in ruins. The Vikings held out for awhile, but now even they are made up of a fringe of idiot cunt politicians importing their own conquerors and sissies too fucking tranked on antidepressants to stand up for their own women.

And it only took one of them, Kathleen Kennedy, to turn guaranteed box office into such a maelstrom of suck that Bangkok's "lady-boys" collectively threw up their manicured hands in outraged and suicidally depressed fucking surrender because even they couldn't compete with suck of such ferocity.