Sorry but I've started watching Breaking Bad

It couldn't really end any way other than him dying. I liked that they put in the "I did it for myself" bit to finally shut up the "he's just doing it for his family!" people on the internet (but I'm sure some will still say he did nothing wrong and it was all Skyler's fault things went wrong or something.) The show always made it clear that he had a choice. Yes you can understand why he makes the choices and even still symathise with him...but like he said he was doing it because he enjoyed it.

Iornic that he ended up having to get help from Gretchen and Eliot in the end (of course he also made their lives miserable for probably years to come so that's a "win" I guess!) I liked the identity of the two "hitmen" of course even if it probably didn't make much sense that he'd go to them.

It's a shame Flynn and Marie didn't have much to do but it was better than having unnatural scenes for them. I thought there would be a flashback with Hank though (a new one.)

Todd was quite a fascinating and well acted character. There were times when he even tricked me into thinking "hey, maybe he's not so bad" (like when he gave Jesse the ice cream) and then he'd go and shoot a woman in the head without a moment's hesitation. But he was so damn polite!

I wonder if he and Lydia were actually "dating"? I'm glad she died, she was one character with no redeeming qualities.

Do think the scene with Jesse making the box was actually a flashforward or just a dream?

Is Huell still in that room waiting for Hank and Gomie to come back?
If you liked the actor that played Todd, and I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't, he was on a very good show that I normally wouldn't watch since I hate football but the show was good regardless. Jesse Plemons was wonderful on it along with many other actors that made me want to move to Texas... and I hate Texas too.


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The wooden box scene was a callback to an earlier episode when Jesse described making the box in woodwork class. I think it was the one thing he was good at and enjoyed, so that was why he had a rose tinted flashback to it.


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I KNEW THAT but he didn't look like highschool age Jesse in the scene in the finale, so I thought it could have been a flashforward to him making the box for real after he escaped (or just dreaming.)

Also I didn't think he actually did literally make a box, I thought he used it as a metaphor for his meth cooking (the teacher who told him he could do better was actually Walt.) But maybe he really did make a box and that was supposed to be a flashback to him doing it and I'm wrong about everything!


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Maybe since he didn't actually open it he was encouraging us to 'think outside the box' as a recipe for a successful living.

That shit wasn't appropriately connected to anything.